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Red Hat Society Road Trip4 Friday, May 29, 2009
Are you a Red Hatter looking for some adventure? If so, perhaps you should start planning a road trip. There is no better way to have fun, laugh and bond with your closest Red Hat Ladies. So, round up your favorite Red Hat Sisters and hit the wide open road and start making memories that will last a lifetime.

To make sure your road trip is fabulous, plan ahead and bring everything you need--red hat clothes and toiletries are a must. Be sure to pack a camera to capture all the photo worthy moments, your favorite snacks and refreshments, and of course your Red Hats! Show off your extravagant red hats and purple apparel while you're on the road. Let America know what we're all about and make us proud.

Of course we wouldn't send you out on the road empty handed! Make sure to pack along 'The Red Hat Society Travel Guide'. It's a great reference guide for those first time RHS Road Trippers. This book is packed full of tips like booking transportation, eating out, and staying healthy while out on the road with your Red Hat ladies. Inside you'll also find a handy city guide, the road of possibilities is endless!

Until Next Time
Queen Diva Dishberry

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