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BaseballCapsHey Ladies!

Enjoy America's favorite past time and share in the laughter and love with your fellow Red Hat Sisters this summer. It's baseball season, and that means it's time for you to grab a group of your closest Red Hat Society gals and hit up your local ballpark. Buy the tickets, bring the spending cash and don't forget the camera.

Be sure to come dressed in your ballpark best, sport a Red Sequin Baseball Cap or a Pink Sequin Floral Cap and don't skimp on the bling, a Red Hat Diva dresses up for all occasions. Of course you should represent your team by wearing their apparel, but a Red Hat lady always jazzes it up a bit. Let your local ballpark know that the Red Hat Society supports them by attending a game this season.

The Ballpark can be a nostalgic place for many, full of familiar sights, sounds and smells. The sound of the bat hitting the ball and the cheering fans is intense and exciting! Make sure your group of Red Hat Ladies cheers as loud as possible. Sit back and take in the whole experience from the sight of the beautiful green field under bright lights, to the smells of popcorn, beer and peanuts. Being able to experience a baseball game live with your Red Hat sisters is a wonderful thing!

Have a Ball!
- Queen Diva Dishberry

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