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Throw a Red Hat Ladies Night 'In'4 Friday, August 14, 2009

Throw a Red Hat Society Ladies Night In! Plan a night with your closest Red Hat Sisters full of great conversation, beauty rituals, fun, games, laughter and decadent food. Celebrate your friendships, your age, and your whole life with a much needed night of fun and relaxation.

A Red Hat Ladies Night In should always be comfortable yet glamorous. Have everyone show up wearing their most fabulous and fun pajamas. Our Red Hat Society Pajamas are always perfect for this sort of event. Of course a pair of Purple, Red, or Pink PJ's will work just fine too. Throwing a grown up slumber party is the perfect way to get closer to friends and feel good about yourself. Discover news things about friends and relive fond memories. Make sure your Red Hat Sisters don't go hungry. Stock up and have a ton of snacks and sweets on hand. Some traditional Slumber Party foods include popcorn, pizza, chips and dip, veggies and dip, soda, candy and ice cream! Also, plan on activities to keep the night interesting and enjoyable. Rent movies, chick flicks or comedies, the theme is all up to you. Keep the night flowing well with board games. Some games never get old like Pictionary, Clue or The Red Hats Society's Pink Elephants Game! Once the food and games are arranged and ready, you and your best friends can fill in the rest with enlightening conversation, advice, funny stories and laughter. You are going to love your Red Hat Ladies Night In!

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Celebrate National 'Picnic' Month!4 Monday, August 10, 2009

This August, enjoy the end of summer with a quaint and cozy RHS Picnic. Invite your Red Hat Society Sisters to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors while enjoying a scenic view of a park or even your own backyard. Planning a Picnic is all about convenience, fun and easiness. We’re going to let you know how you can throw an amazingly unforgettable Red Hat Society picnic this summer.
In order to throw the perfect Red Hat Society Picnic, you must first decide on a location. If you’re friends all live near you it might be best to throw it around your hometown at a local park, or in your own backyard if you have great scenery of just think it would be most fun. For friends who live further away, try thinking of a halfway point where you can all meet up to enjoy your RHS summer Picnic together.
Once you have decided on the location, all you need to do is create the menu. Having each friend bring a separate item could be fun if you don’t enjoy cooking. The most common Picnic foods include fried chicken, sandwiches, hot dogs, potato chips, macaroni salad, specialty salads, fruit, cheese, cookies, brownies and of course bottled of wine. If you decide to bring the wine, carefully pack along our Princess Wine Glasses to bring extra Red Hat cheer to your Picnic. If choosing to bring cheeses, don’t forget the Hat Spreaders! Make sure you have a large basket for packing your meal into as well. If you are planning on using a public picnic table or have one of your own you can use a decorative table cloth. If you are planning on eating on the grass, find a comfortable pretty blanket, preferably Red and Purple! Keep the Red Hat fun going with The Red Hat Society’s Pink Elephants Game. Once you have your Red Hat Sisters, the food, wine and games, you’re ready to head outdoors for a true RHS Summer Picnic!
Happy Picnicing!
- Queen Diva Dishberry

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