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Kick back with a Red Hat Society Read4 Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is nothing like relaxing in your favorite chair with a good book. The Red Hat Society is a firm believer of taking in the little moments and enjoying the finer things in life. Stories told from women like ourselves can warm our hearts, entertain and enlighten us. We encourage all of our Red Hatters to delight in the luxury of reading one of our Red Hat Society Books.

We have a book that's sure to fit your mood. Red Hat Society Club Books range from novels, self-help, cook books, humor, and travel guides. Choose any of our fun, heart felt, and amusing books and you will be in readers heaven.'Hot Flashes & Cold Cream Book' is a great Red Hat Society read if you are looking for a funny novel revolving around a midlife crisis. Searching for a quick and fun read? pick up our 'Sassy, Classy and Still Sparkling Book' full of amusing stories, quips and poems from fellow red hatters sharing their experience as members of the most fun society around. We have several books to help make your life easier or help you plan events. Need some help with cooking, The RHS Cookbook is packed with delicious and easy recipes. With a Red Hat Society Book, you can bring the joy of reading, learning and laughing all back in your life. Next time you need some down time, kick back and relax with a great read, a RHS book!
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