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Be a Mad 'Red' Hatter this Halloween4 Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Halloween Season our Red Hat Society Members are encouraged to spread the holiday spirit as much as possible. There are plenty of ways to show your Red Hat Halloween exuberance and the best way is in the form of costume. Start preparing for this Halloween as early as possible so that you have a great costume to wear for all of the Halloween Parties and festivities you are hosting or get invited to.

Creating the perfect Red Hat Halloween can be challenging. We have a few helpful tips to give you. Having a great costume can really improve how much fun you have at events. Bring more life to the parties and get-togethers you attend by making sure you are dressed your best. We feel that the best costume for our Red Hatters this year would be a Mad 'Red' Hatter. It's the perfect excuse to be as crazy and silly as possible this Halloween season. Make sure you have the fanciest and most out of the box Halloween costume you can think of, lots of Bright Red and Rich Purple to ensure you looking stunning as a Mad 'Red' Hatter. Being a Mad Red Hatter is fun and easy. You can find all sorts of Halloween apparel on our Red Hat Society Store website such as our Purple Madhatter Top Hat, or even find something unique in your own closet. You can choose to be a Purple Mad Hatter or a Red Mad Hatter. Either way, you're going to look fabulous and have an insanely good time! Remember, even if you're not one to dress up for Halloween; you can still get as Mad as a Hatter. After all, you are a member of the Red Hat Society and this is the only holiday where anything goes!
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