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Red Hat Resolutions4 Thursday, January 7, 2010
It's a New Year which means there's a chance for new beginnings and of course more Red Hat Fun! The change of the New Year can help us reflect on our lives, how we've spent the previous year and what we'd like to see in the one to come. Here at the Red Hat Society Store, we believe in sharing the joy that the Red Hat Society brings to all of our lives.

For this New Year's resolution try and find even more to celebrate in all of your lives. We need to stop and realize that everyday is worth cherishing. Try and make new friendships, try new things and just take every day one at a time, that's something we can all do. This Year as we all make our resolutions, lets try our hardest to embrace the Red Hat Society and all that it stands for by bringing your friends closer and introducing those we know or may not know into the Red Hat Society. Have a Happy New Year my Red Hatters!

- Queen Diva Dishberry
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