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Birthday Gift Ideas4 Friday, May 21, 2010

Red hatters love celebrating birthdays, but sometimes coming up with that perfect gift can be tough. The Red Hat Society Store has so many great gifts for all different kinds of occasions, so we'd like to quickly spotlight some of our favorite red hat birthday gift ideas found in the Red Hat Society Store:

Red Hatters

How can we talk about birthdays and not include our famed red and purple hats? Purple hats make for a very special birthday gift during the birthday month, but red hats are always a hit too. Be sure to look at all of the purple and red hat options before you chose which one to give to that special birthday girl!

Pink Hatters

Is this an under 50 birthday? If you're celebrating for someone who hasn't turned 50 yet, consider looking in the Red Hat Society Store for a pink or lavender hat. There are many different types of pink hatter styles that are perfect for your occasion.

Live Laugh Love Stickers

Don't forget to decorate! Using the “Live Laugh Love” sticker pack from the Red Hat Society store, you can turn any gift box or package into a personalized red hat gift. Sharpen your artistic talents by adding your own twist to gift wrapping that any red hatter would be proud to receive.

BONUS: Any stickers that you have left over can be used for something else. Think of this as your reward for being such a good-gift giver!

Do you have any birthday gift ideas that have worked well in the past? There are thousands of red hat birthdays being celebrated every month and plenty of great gift giving stories. Feel free to share your favorite birthday memories or birthday gifts ideas in the comments of this post. We'd love to hear them!
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