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Red Hat Society Holiday Recipe4 Thursday, December 9, 2010

This holiday season surprise your sisters with the cutest and most festive snowmen around, deck them out with red and purple candies to match you and your fellow red hatters. These stylish snacks are sure to impress.

Crunchy the Snowman Recipe

* bag of 8-inch pretzel rods
* 1 cup white chocolate chips
* mini chocolate chips
* orange decorators' gel

* fruit leather (various colors)
* gummy rings
* gumdrops
1.To make a batch, melt 1 cup of white chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler.
2.One at a time, dip one end of an 8-inch pretzel rod in the melted chocolate and use a plastic spoon or knife to spread the chocolate two thirds of the way down the rod.
3.Set the pretzels on a sheet of waxed paper and press on mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons. Use orange decorators' gel to add a carrot nose.
4.When the chocolate has hardened, stand the pretzels in a mug or glass and tie on strips of fruit leather for scarves. For each hat, stretch a gummy ring over the narrow end of a gumdrop and secure it on the pretzel rod with a dab of melted chocolate.

Enjoy these scrumptious snacks ladies!

-Queen Diva Dishberry
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