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Spring Flower Box Cake4 Monday, April 11, 2011
Spring is here and the flowers are starting to bloom, even the edible ones. This charming chocolate-chip flower box cake would make the perfect spring time dessert for a weekend get-together, Easter or spring party. Your fellow Red Hatter's will be both impressed and amused at this adorable and clever spring themed cake. This was one of the most attractive and yummy looking cake box cake we've come across. Oreo crumbs make up the flower box soil, and boy does it look realistic. We especially loved the chocolate-cream Pirouette cookies that make up the flower box, those are so delicious.

If you're feeling adventurous, we suggest you whip up this cake as soon as possible. Here are the easy to follow instruction! Click here for the Flower Box Cake Recipe, courtesy of, this was just too cute to pass up.

Happy baking my Red Hatter's!

- Queen Diva Dishberry


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