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Fall at the Red Hat Society Store4 Friday, September 30, 2011
Red Hat Society ladies all over the world are experiencing different kinds of weather, but in Michigan, fall is definitely here. The market is full of squash and temperatures have dropped. Fun activities for this time of year include visiting cider mills for fresh doughnuts and cider, nature walks for watching the changing leaves and getting a last bike ride in.

We asked on Facebook, what kinds of activities society members have planned for October and they shared activities like pumpkin patch visits, cookie baking, parades and costume parties! Sounds like everyone is ready for a month of fun fall activities.

What do you have planned this fall?

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Random Acts of Cookies4 Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes life can get you down, but you know what will always makes you feel better? Doing something good for others! I came across a blog where a woman was feeling down and decided to do something good. She made treats, packaged them up nicely and dropped them on the doorsteps of her neighbors. The thought of bringing smiles to others helped brighten her day, as well as her lucky neighbors'. Click here to read her story!

Her positive story made me think. Wouldn't this be a great activity for a Red Hat Society chapter? If you have a couple of bakers in the group, they can make the treats, the crafty members can decide on packaging and the other members can plan where the special drop-offs will be! If nobody in the group is into baking, pick up your favorite treats from a bakery or grocery store.

The Red Hat Society is all about spreading joy and making countless people smile. Make someone smile today!

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