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Craft Corner: Glitter Pine Cones4 Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Glitter makes everything better, but red and purple glitter takes it to the next level! These glitter pine cones are a snap to make and arranged on a pretty platter, they make an elegant centerpiece for the holidays!

Glitter Pine Cones

We used 3M brand spray mount adhesive from the craft store, but any spray adhesive should do the trick. We went out in the woods for pine cones.



  1. Hold one end of the pine cone and spray with an even layer of spray adhesive.
  2. Put a large piece of cardboard down and sprinkle glitter all over the just-sprayed pine cone. Once pine cone is covered, gather glitter and use for the next pine cone or put back in the container for another use.
  3. Let pine cones dry overnight. Use in centerpieces or on mantels for a festive winter decoration.

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